Jerry Phillips

(207) 639-3647

1023 Rangeley Road

Avon, Maine 04966

Vice President

Mike Turner

(207) 491-7828

Secretary / Treasurer

Cathy Hunnewell

(207) 946-5458

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The purpose of the club is to create cooperative feeling among the breeders, regardless of the species they favor. To sponsor and or help in various bird shows throughout the state of Maine. To assist anyone in a program to improve their stock.

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Next Meeting

The Club meets on the second Sunday of every month.

Please come to the meetings and support your club as we continue into another year.

Check regulary to see where and when the next meeting will be held.


December 2014

High Path Avian Influenza

(Bird Flu) Alert!!!!

June 11th, 10 am at the Farmington Fair Grounds

July 9th , 10 am at the Farmington Fair Grounds

August 6th 2017


Farmington Fairgrounds Gate opens at 8:00 a.m.

Breakfast, Lunch and other refreshments will be available.

50/50 tickets , sale birds & Auction.

Please bring an auction items and help support the club.


Northern New England Bird Fanciers Association

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