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2013 Basket Show Results


Grand Champion of Show - Dennis Witham - white Call Duck

Reserve Champion of show - Robert Hawes - Columbian Rock

Best Single Comb Clean Leg - Robert Hawes - Columbian Rock

Best Rose comb Clean Leg - Linda Blackman - Self Blue Belgian D'anvers

Best Feather Leg - Linda Blackman - Black Cochin

Best Any Other Clean Leg - Henry Hamilton - White Crested Polish

Best American - Dick Blackman -BarredRock

Best Asiatic - Joan Fullerton - Black Cochin

Best Any Other Variety - Christine Haberstick - Brown Red Ameraucana

Best Bantam Duck - Dennis Witham - White Call

Best Medium Duck - Henry Hamilton - Indian Runner


Grand Champion of Show - Annitta Clark - Spangled OE

Reserve Champion of Show - Nicole Dufour - Khaki Campbell

Best OEG - Anitta Clark - Spangled OE

Best Single Comb Clean Leg - Cameron Fitch - Nankin

Best Feather Leg - Cameron Fitch - White Cochin

Best Rosecomb Clean Leg - Briceon Brooker - White D'Anver

Best American - Anitta Clark - Barred Rock

Best English - Amy Dufour - Australorp

Best Bantam Duck - Jack Alley - Gray Call

Best Medium Duck - Nicole Dufour - Khaki Campbell

August 4th, 2013


August Annual

Basket Show

Farmington Fairgrounds

Gate Opens at 8:00 a.m.

Breakfast, Lunch & Auction

Farmington Fair

Sunday September 15th-21st

Contact Mike Turner for Entry Form


Northern New England Bird Fanciers Association

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